Friday, January 22, 2010

Went to the "Citigold 2010 Chinese New Year Dinner". Apparently it was meant for those filthy rich auntie and uncles but dad dragged us there since Betty sent him an invitation. So we are the only "unique species". hahaha. Have to dress up pretty formal so papa sotong is in a suit..wuuuhoooo =p

Always love attending Citigold Chinese New Year dinner because the food are always good.. Although hotel food are never good, but their dinner are always good.. :) Last time was at Westin and today it was at Shangri-La hotel. Got myself hand massage and
a set of SK2 products there *wink*

We were taught how to drink Blue Label in a proper way too. The so-called-perfect-way to drink Johnny Walker Blue Label is to sip a mouth of cold water and the consume it. Then, sip another mouth of cold water and held it in the mouth for 2 secs and then consume it again. Sip a bit of the Blue Label and experience the different smell and flavor in the mou
th for few seconds and then consume again... It was pretty interesting cause normally I used to see people drinking blue label + green tea/ Coke/ pepsi/ water or whatever and just blurp all into the stomach. At least I get to experience what's the blends of 16 different whisky. keke =D Anyway I still prefer Blue Label neat :)

Was sitting beside a Doctor. He was a gynecologist. Very nice and wise guy :) Glad to knew him. His wife even introduce her sister to my dad...lmao
Though we are the only "kids" there but we had fun chit-chatting with all the uncle and aunties.. They are all nice people, Very happy people too. So, talking to them made me feel so relieved and relax. I thought I will regret going. But we were reluctant to We were the last table to leave the ballroom.. XD


Today was another day with model making again. After our lunch break, we went to the supermarket and shop for some snacks so that we can eat while doing our model..

See what we bought .....swt

Was suppose to be some snacks but we ended up getting snacks for the whole week =.= OMGOSH

lol.. In order to keep them fresh and prevent them from cockroaches, we tied them in plastic bag and hung them up high in our model room.. wakakkakakakaka
It's just like the old days where people store their food.

Look at the lappie. It was showing a movie and look what was on the table.. FOOD ~!!!!

*ahem ahem* what are you guys doing??? Aren't we suppose to be working on the model??

ana ana. Your hand is holding the sofa seat but your eyes are staring at the screen.. Oh my~

Aduiiii ~~~ SPOTTED everyone staring at the screen while sotong taking photos behind.. keke =D

Camwhoring~~~ the 3 musketeers

Sotong & Pearly.
I'm hunching.. Ish

Sotong & ping ping :)

SPotted ping ping outside posing.. XD

Ham and Sotong

Ham's creation~

Yea i know this is way better compare with mine.
Ma amy did it.. So no comment... =x

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa My sofa seat..
Please call me a pro... =P

by Ms Amy
The progress of the Mosaic tiles..
It was upside down
It was suppose to look like an abstract desert .

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