Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day with the 'Sneak Peak" =p

Today is like the usual schooling days with tons of work. Sticking the mosaic tiles, making cute little pillows, yawning and boring. So the whole model making crew decided to do something crazy.. LOL... shhhhhhhhhh..

Our lunch break was suppose to be @ 1215 but then we couldn't wait till the lunch break, all of us are super bored and sleepy so we decided catch a movie.We are going for "Carriers". We skipped lunch and only munch popcorn in the cinema.. Super crazy~x.x and also superrrrrr hungry T_T

By the time we came out from the cinema, it's about time to get our ass back to our model making afternoon session.

I've watched this movie at home via PPStream. Haha love the PPS cause I always get to catch the latest movie before it was shown in the cinema. But it's kinda nice watching it again in the cinema. The whole cinema is just 8 of us and another 3 loner guy XD Pretty scary but fun XD
It's been ages since I did something crazy. It really help me from killing all the boredom and sleepiness. Weeeee~

*ps I think Lou Taylor Pucci is hot~

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