Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vampire vs Cinderella

It's been a week since Bel's school reopened. And it's also been a week being her driver.. I guess I'm going to fall sick soon.. Have to wake up @ 6am and sleep before 12am..sob sob.. My life is totally upside down.. I used to sleep at 3am and woke up at 8am. Now I'm officially a Vampire that need to leave the house before dawn and the Cinderella that has to leave before 12am. Awwww~ Bel you better get your driving license as soon as possible.. T_T

I've been thinking about my further studies recently. Wanted to take Interior Architecture but also feel like taking Fashion Design. I'm not sure if my papa will allow me to take another new degree cause it will increase his expenses and also delay the time of my graduation. Sigh~

But one of the reason why I wanted to take Fashion Design is because I can help him in his work. I know in the business field, one must have lots of experience and very good social skills. But me? I have none of the above. So, I hope that by taking Fashion Design course will actually help me in this field. I don't want to get bully or cheated when I took over his business. I know as a young girl that has no experience and no skills that is required in the field will not be trusted. So I will do whatever to get their trust and be a star in this field and also not forgetting the ID field.. kekekeke .. dream on me~ anyway, wish me luck.. GO SOTONG~!

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