Sunday, January 24, 2010

The kepochi is going to zip it up

You guys probably thinking why I wrote the previous post. *secret*.. kekeke =D I think it's fun. Well I love stuff that is full with mystery.. or should I say stuff that will give people question marks.. It actually took me quite sometime to digest on what I'm going to write. I also flipped through my dusty Thesaurus, hahahahhaha x) I knew my English ain't that good. So please forgive me if I made any grammar mistakes.. Ignore them ~ Please stay tuned for more posts. :)

I'm always a talkative girl. Ever since I went to Kindergarten, I've get lots of complaints about being talkative in class when teacher was teaching. XD This habit of mine have been with me till now. I'm not trying to say that I'm proud with it.. I just love to talk. Or I should just admit that I'm pretty kepo.

Since you are not interested to what I say or not paying any attention to it. I will just shut the fuck up and not saying anything anymore. Only if you ask
me something. Do you know how hurt I am when I'm trying to say something but you actually ignore me and talking to someone else? I know sometimes I crap a lot. But I'm just trying to break the silence. It's AWKWARD ! It's not the first time. And not only me. Sometimes when I see people talking to you but you ignored them, I
really felt sorry for them. I knew how pissed and hurt they were.

So, from today onwards, the kepochi sotong will zip it up a
nd be as solemn as she could. I knew it's not me. I don't do stuff to draw attention from people. I'm just being me as a talkative girl. I'm not trying
to draw any attention. So if you happened to think that I crap that much because I'm drawing attention
from you, I'm sorry you are WRONG. I hope one day you actually knew how I feel.

Sometimes, when I was full of excitement trying
to tell you something and you ended up talking with someone in your bluetooth. That SUCKS ! You spoiled my entire mood.

I actually enjoy laughing, chit-chatting with people around me. Even though I might look like a fool to anyone of you. But I actually enjoy the moment where we laugh and joke around. I actually love that. Some of you might think that
I'm retarded or childish. I DON'T CARE. I'm just being me, the sotong. I'm happy being who I am :)

I actually miss this hairstyle that I used to have..
Though it's VERY OLD. I insist referring it as MATURE. kekekekek x)
Don't you think it suits me better than having bangs?? O.o


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