Monday, January 25, 2010

The whatever post

WHOAH.... Thomas, are you really that hungry?? One bowl of noodles + extra noodles. 2 plates of doubled up fried rice..O.O
See, you look so happy with your food... kekekek =D


I'm so cooooooooool~
I'm way too coooooool~

What? Stop staring at me.
I'm not available.
I belongs to SOTONG.... Forever~

Drag me to hell~ =P

Woke up late. Went to the gym and have no time to get my hair blow.
So i bun it up :) Love it <3


Weeeee~ Breakfast with ping ping & ham ham tomorrow...
Went for a short jog around my house this evening so I'm super tired now..
Good night peeps~ Sweet dreams


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