Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another 'Sneak Peak'

*ahem ahem* Went for another sneak peak. We watched Haunted University. Not what I expected. I thought it will be something really creepy and scary. But it turned out to be very lame.. The effect ain't that good. The ghosts are obviously like the 'ghosts' we can see in the ghost house.. ewwww~ And the story line is not interesting at all. Ghost rumors from my school are scarier than that.. =.=

Still planning on what cookies I should bake this Chinese New Year. Got quite a lot of requests for Pineapple tart. One of sotong's favourite food :) But Maria is not here, I have to wash everything by myself *pity* ..
Sokai wanted a bottle of pineapple tart without pineapple filling.. LOL....That's super hilarious. Who doesn't like the filling?? I only eat the fillings.. XD sokai, I'll make you super huge pineapple tart without the filling and errr I'll try to make them look like a pineapple.. hahahaha

Have to work on my friend's farewell present. Not going to blog that much.. (an excuse when you have nothing to blog) keke =D

Good night peep~ sweet dreams ♥

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