Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not a good day for me today.. I woke up pretty late. I thought I forgot to fetch Bel. Ran to her room and realized that she was gone with dad. I then realized it was my day off ♥ I almost got my heart bump out.*pheeeeeewww*

Luckily I wasn't late for class. We left earlier to get our material. Went to Pudu to search for some electrical shop and get our LED light fitting done.. Only the lighting already cost us around RM300.. sobs.. But I learned quite a lot of stuff there.. I'm glad I went there or else I won't be able to know that there were so many different kinds of LED :)

I just can't wait till we get our model done. I wonder how will that look like... I hope i will look nice though.

Wonder why I prefer staying single? I guess it's because I dislike sticky guys. I would like to have my own time doing my own stuff. Share some times with my friends but not hanging around with my boyfriend most of the time, like 80%? I guess they will need their own time too. Their own time to hang out with their friends and do some boy stuff. I want my life to be special and yet I want it to be the best I could have.

I have no idea what happened to you today. Not going to ask though. You will tell me if you want to. Just to let you know that we were concerned about you. I'm sick of telling you the same thing over and over again. I'm just trying to let you know wasting your time doing the same thing that won't make any difference it's just not right. I don't want you to put such big effort and did not get what you wanted. I don't want you to give up. I'm saying this for your good.

You might think that who am I to tell you so. You are my best friend and friends are the priority of my life. So I do care. But if you dislike it, please feel free to let me know. ~ All the best

It's been awhile since I last chat with Moinkster. Another special friend of mine.
I'm not sure if you still check out my blog.
If you do, how are you over there?? Busy working??
Just to let you know I did not forget you and hereby I wish you all the best in the year 2010 ♥

xoxo, Sotong

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