Friday, January 29, 2010

CNY shopping spree :)

Went shopping with Celine today. Was suppose to get some CNY new shoes but we ended up buying unnecessary stuff. Sob sob.. I guess our parents will forbidden us from going out together again.. >.<

We are 2 officially broke kid T_T I think next week I can only bring my breakfast and cereals bar to school. So I can save up some money =P

Bought loads and loads of stuff.. Dad went oversea so uhm we can buy more stuff. wakakakakaka =D Cause he can only scold me thru the phone.. Oh, I'm not bad. I'm just in my spending mood recently. So I need jobs , DESPERATELY.

But hadn't got myself a pair of heels. Any suggestion??

Here are the stuff I bought today.. Wanna recommend some facial products.. Super nice.

This is B-liv by Cellnique. I used to buy it from Cellnique but now we can buy it from SASA.
The pro-sebum gel (Off With Those Heads) are one of the products that Celine and me love the most. It helps on blackheads, whiteheads and pores. It controls oils too.. Very efficient. Used to buy it at the price of RM180+ at Cellnique. But SASA is selling for RM159. If you purchase within this 3 days, you are entitled to get a box of mask (shown above) and 2 free movie tickets. You also get to lucky draw and stand a chance to win some goodies or a full set of their products :)
From my experience, My blackheads and whiteheads were all gone. When you have breakouts or boo boo just apply some on it and it will dry up the next day. So go and grab it before Sunday .

This is the Honey Rose Overnight Mask by Polynia. It was recommended by Celine. Her info regarding Facial products and cosmetics are always up-to-date. She reads lots and lots of mags I think. This products won the CLEO best cream mask. So I think it is good. :) The promoter tried it on my hand and it hydrates and moisturize immediately. Sooooo cool~ They are having promotion too.. Buy one free one !!!! They only have one counter and it is located @ parkson, sungei wang. One bottle has 250ml and cost RM130. So you can share with your friends and get it @ RM65 each..
It was written that this product, exfoliates, cleances, moisturises, unclog pores etc etc. You can u use it everyday and each time it only uses around 1cm.

Bought lots of clothes and did not get any SHOES~!!!! Grrrrrr..

I know I look fat here. It's not the angle problem. I really did put on weight. Lol.

My stupid hair colour. Lady Gaga attempt failed. (For those who knew what I was trying to say)

** Anyway, I washed my own clothes today. And the first attempt of using Washing Machine SUCCEEDED

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