Sunday, January 31, 2010

Was invited to Oscar's Farewell Party. He will be leaving to Australia for his further studies this CNY. From stranger we became dance partner and now we are friends.. Only in this 3 months.. We got him a T-shirt with our photos printed on it. Well it didn't turn out to be what we expected but it was still acceptable. Hope he likes it :)

We were requested to dance there too.. SO embarrassing >.< wakakakka ="D

Chit-chatting the whole night. Talking about life and some personal stuff. Kinda fun~ I missed the days where friends hang out together and chit-chatting. :)


I thought you knew me well. But apparently, I was wrong. You knew I dislike people getting information from someone else instead of the person involved. Before that, I wasn't that angry. But you never try to approach me and ask me what is happening. Not even once. I'm the one who ended up texted you or emailed you. I would appreciate if you come to me and ask me what happened. Every time when we had problems, you will try to get info from my sis. And by doing that you actually made used of her in a way, and we will definitely had a fight about that. I'm not trying to say that you are trying to ruin the relationship between me and my sister. But you knew her pretty well.

I did try to talk to you. But you dare not even look at me in my eyes. Fine then~ You never even try to fix this. I knew I was super mad yesterday. I'm sorry but I was even mad after I saw how you react -by not doing anything. Waited you at my house and I thought we were going together. But apparently you had your own arrangement without telling us, at least inform us. We invited you over to our car but I guess you like squeezing with 4 other peoples.

Frankly, I have no idea why I'm so pissed. You might think that I'm way too sensitive in things. But this time I'm not. I won't give a damn if I'm not concern about this. I'm not sure if you will check this out. Hope to hear from you soon. I'm waiting~

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