Sunday, April 4, 2010

If we ever meet again

Ahhhhhhh~ Dance practice from 9-1pm is killing. My foot swell and hurt. I couldn't even wear my flats.. ARGH. I only left with one week to the upcoming competition next Sunday.

And yeah, we watched midnight movie and we crap till 1am. So I only slept at 3am. Damn tired. Just came back from Mid valley, didn't manage to find what I want. Kinda hard to find something I like recently.

Dad's birthday is coming soon. Have no idea what to give him. A card? I've did that like most of the time. The only choice we left is a phone.. But I'm in low fund now :( have to pay for private classes and competition enrollment fees. I need money!!!! I wonder if I get paid in my internship training.. Please please at least give me few hundred bucks.. haha.

Camwhoring when we were waiting for someone to get the bath done.

Sorry regarding the fish eye photo. I'm lazy =X

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