Friday, April 2, 2010

Polaroid? Lomo? Both? =x

Howdy people~ Today have been busy but I'm happy. At least I'm doing something :) But I still manage to blog before 530. Been busy for the whole god damn week. Rushing our model making and tendering projects and yay TGIF. It's 511 and I hope no one will pass me work at the last minute.. XD

Last week was bad. Sad, Depressed, moody, stressed out, pressure everything came at the same time. So please forgive me for blurting out so many depressing posts. I'm enjoying my days now, though I don't really like to go to the office still, but I'm trying very hard to blend into the 9-5 working hours. Of course I will dozed off a bit.

It's already April. I've been here for a month ( 2 months more to go). And next week is going to be our competition. Gosh~ We could barely remember all the steps. Really have to practice very very hard. =3

Always wanted to buy lomo but I love Polaroid too. What do you think? Both are effect cameras and they use films. I knew we can photoshop-ed it but well it's different. :( Spotted a full set of Lomo in Bangkok @ the price of RM1k. Almost bought it but then my luggage couldn't fit it. awwww~ Went back to Bangkok the next trip and god damn it, they were out of stock!!! ish ish ish.

Bel said I wanted to buy Polaroid because everybody has it that is why I wanted it too.. Noooo. I had one, the "barbie" one and apparently something is wrong with it. So I want to get a new one !! Last time the film were so expensive, though it is still expensive now. But then I remember I used to buy like 5 boxes per month ( because I was still young and I just snap whatever I like. I even got one with my toilet bowl and barbie frame..swt)

Lomo effect are sooooooo nice and err it took very long time to photoshop it. So might as well get one camera that has the effect I want instead of photoshop-ing all the photos.. :(

I'm confused. Which one should I get. Pretty broke so hmmmm one at a time perhaps. Unless papa Sotong found one in China. *wink*

Still manage to get one done in Photoshop. Call me pro.. XD jkjk I knew it's ugly.
But I got it done in 5 minutes so this is what I have.
Seeeeeee. Photoshoped one ain't that real compare to the real one :(
Let me figure out how to photoshop an fish eye effect.
will post it tomorrow XD

Buaisss people. It's 530 and no way for me to stay any longer here.. haha

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