Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quick and Easy Salad

I've been sick thinking of what to cook every single day. What should I cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner.. Grrrrr It just pisses me off every time when I think of cooking. How great is that when all my meals are done when I'm back, I don't even need to go through the grocery shopping, preparing, cooking and washing. :( I miss Maria

So I tried to make some salad I ate once in a restaurant here. It's easy and healthy ! :)
Finally I'm starting to eat fresh food. haha :D

Ingredients : - Baby Spinach
                   - Mozarella Cheese
                   - Cherry Tomatoes
                   - Honey and Mustard sauce

EASY, mix everything together and taaaaaadaaaaa DONE ! *lame*
It tastes soooo good. Well, with the cheese of course, add chicken breast or mushroom if you want :D

Healthy + easy
Had stuffed tomato for lunch. My roomate - Elena gave me one to try out. It's some sort of Greek food I guess, taste sooooo good anyway.. thanks ~

btw, I'm going to keep my fringe long and make it center parted. muahahahahahahahaha XD

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