Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hang in there

Yay~! I'm finally a smart phone user. Just got my Iphone 4 today and frankly, I don't really know how to use it.. :P As you know, I'm not a gadget person, and I don't really fancy them. The reason why I need this Smart phone is because we need to access to internet all the time during class and uhm, I can't be running down to the library just to surf something every single time. Well, call it an excuse if you want. :x

Things have been really really hard for me this week. Grrrrr or should I say since I came to London. Everything I do just doesn't work the way I want. Things have been really really hard for me. But I'm still here, hanging there. Trying my very best to struggle to the top and make sure I don't fall. Be tough~

It's getting colder and colder. I hate cold weather ! I used to sleep at 26 degree when I was back in Malaysia ( call me psycho, I just can't stand the cold ). I don't know how am I going to survive during the winter. But I have to =.=The weather turned dark so early, it's all dark during 4pm, soooo depressing. It makes me think that it's time to sleep. And it makes me feel so lazy and sleepy ALL THE TIME !

My lily flower is growing... yeeeeepeeeee~ the whole room is so dead, so I got myself a plant. Hopefully I won't kill it :D

Somebody, please come and visit me :P I'm so busy but I want to explore more about London, and I need a companion... someone, please?

Get well soon Sotong, I need to get rid of the specs ! Grrrrr

Toodles, xx

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