Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work hard for what you want

Went with a flu and turned out to be a fool.
Things have never been easy for me. Who doesn't feel the same?
I guess everybody have the same thoughts.
It's just depends on how you see things, whether it is in a positive or negative way.
But whatever it is, I don't believe in miracle (yea I just don't).
So I will never make myself believe that there will be a miracle when I screwed things up, how sad is that. lol
I need to learn, to know that things won't just come by your door step. They won't wait for you.
If you missed it, you are screwed :P
So whenever, where ever and whatever you are doing, DO YOUR BEST. You won't know when the chance will come. :)
Work hard for what you want~ I always say this. Sibeh kolot but it works.



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