Sunday, June 15, 2008

~My Busy Days~

Sorry for not updating my blog.. Mainly because I'm busy and also lazy.. heehee.. XD
Busy? I also couldn't remember where did I spend my times. Downloaded movie? Msn? Assignment? >.<


Am I Cute? Haha =)
Im a girl..
5 steps to attack a bugs.. haha.

*NO!! MIMI NO!!* look at her fist... scary scary...

What are u trying to find?? * go away, that's not the place u suppose to sniff* hahahha

* What do you want???*
*Come on.. Sit Sit Sit..**Thats not sit.. OMG*.


But unfortunately, this cute little creature defeated my dad..
She bite off the cable of my dad's lappie... * so naughty*
When papa was going to whack her.. she opened hermouth and her tooth straight away poke into papa's finger.. >.< Blood all over the floor... Dad couldn't pull his hand of her tooth.. and this tiny little thingy run away with papa's fingers stucked on her tooth... aewwww~ that hurts.
Dad was in pain... He called his gf and fetch him to the clinic.. Both fingers need to be stiched.. He sweared he will boil mimi in his soup... poor little thingy and poor little fingers..


Met this someone... and only a few knew who I am talking about.
errr... how do i describe this someone... >> It takes two to tango<<
I wish this someone is not lying.. haha.... dont be blur.


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