Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I ♥ Bangkok

Just came back from Bangkok. Was suppose to be a shopping trip but dad and Bel shopped more than me..awww~
But luckily I get to eat lots and lots of food. XD
Lots of photos and kinda lazy to post it all up here.
so click here for the photos.

Dyed my hair the next day after I came back from Thailand.
Was suppose to get a super chio brown hair but it turns out to be almost blonde T_T
My hair stylist told me its because my original hair colour is way too light so it turns out to be lighter.. sigh~ Dad says I look like "ang moh" from behind ( some more need to add on "from behind".. ). The first thing my maid told me is :"WAAAAA...". *speechless*

couldn't really see the colour of my hair but well it's worst than this. >.<

(ignore the narcissism and the messy room =x )

cute isn't it??
Apparently it was from my friend's boxer...
LOL.. I've never seen this... x.x
I've seen spongebob, paul frank, porno types of boxer but never once a sotong boxer..
Super super funny, was laughing my ass off when i saw this.
No idea why is it so funny but I just couldn't stop laughing *silly*

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