Friday, January 15, 2010

I wonder how.. I wonder why

It's my final semester now - The model making. My lecturer has chosen my hotel's project to be one of the model. Frankly, I always longed for this semester to come. But when it comes, it was not what I expect.
Speaking of which, that means in 2 months time I will have to go for my internship program. This is something I'm not ready for.
-What if my boss/client wanted something from me but I don't know how?
-What happened if they think I'm too stupid and the 2years course its actually a waste of time?
-What if I gave them the wrong detailing/section that screw the whole project?
-What happened if I cannot hand in the work on time???
(*yea I knew I'm a bit over anxious but as I said.. I'M NOT READY FOR THIS)
I also knew that I should get my ass to work no matter what.. It's part of the life, deal with it~
wish my luck for not screwing it..

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