Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life ain't life without choices.

Yeah, another choices of life. sigh~ Like I said there is never a life without choices. :(
I hate making choices, maybe because I'm afraid of the consequences after I made one.
But as time goes, lots and lots of choices are to be made.
Here I am with another confused situation ..sob sob. In less than a month time, I will be going for my internship program (this is also another problem =.= haven't decide where to work ). If i finished my whole course successfully, I will be going to UK this September.
Before that, I was planning to go to TEESSIDE University for my Interior Architecture Degree. But now most likely won't be going there.. I'm planning some
place else. Cause I was considering taking Fashion Design as well. So the unsolved problem will be solved and everything will be just fine. Just that dad need to pay more perhaps?? wakakakaka and I get to stay there longer... =P
Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find a University that offers Interior Architecture and Fashion Design. Teesside is offering 9 months of degree program which is super short (good in a way, bad in another). I'm not really sure about the others.
I wanted to find out which U is really good for Interior
Architecture but I have no idea who should I find out with. By doing research online, I think its pretty much the same. Every school will actually brag about how good they are. >.<
If i enquire via agents, they will have to know what are our budgets and I really dislike it. Why can't they just let us know what are the choices of U that they have and we will only talk about the budgets stuff later on. zzz
I guess it will be pretty much the same too if I asked my current college. Cause Teeside is the only U that has affiliation with my college. And they often have people coming by to give talks and introduction of their U.
Sigh~ I really hope to find a good U cause I've already missed my college life. And I wish that my University life won't be as bad as this. wish me luck ~

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